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Jeri Murphy, Co-founder of WhichAddOn.com, Australia

17 September 2016

4th Instalment in QBO VS XERO: THE PROJECT – [2 min read]

As you likely know by now if you have been following #QBO vs #Xero: The Project which I started this week, I am one of the top Xero trainers in the Asia Pacific region and I decided that I can’t ignore QBO anymore – I need to know it to answer my clients queries, I want to know it so I can learn and share with you the truth about how each system works – no sales pitches, no bias – just cold hard facts. It’s up to you to make the decision for yourself, your business or your clients as to which system is right for you.

Earlier this week, I decided in order to truly analyse how QBO works and also differs to Xero, I would need to use it in real life. So I set up my company on QBO from 1 July. I am already using Xero. Everything I do in Xero, I’m doing in QBO and sharing my QBO vs Xero journey here to help you too.

On Friday evening, I was set to wrap up for the day and I just had one last thing to do. I sold a scope call to an accountant and his client earlier in the day and I needed to send them off an invoice. Usually, I would go into Xero and raise the invoice and email it off in minutes. I have my invoices in Xero ready to enable payment with a credit card using an integration with Stripe.

Stripe is a payment gateway that enables my customers to press a link on the PDF invoice or an online invoice, and a credit card screen pops-up (all within Xero) that the customer can easily enter their credit card details. The fact that the integration stays within Xero is a big draw card for many customers because it doesn’t seem like they are sending their credit card details off to a third party (even though they are) … like with Paypal.

Just like Paypal, Stripe doesn’t cost you anything until you make money. Every time the system processes a payment for you, the payment gateway takes a bit and then transfers the rest of the money to you. That’s the simple explanation.

If you haven’t seen how the Stripe works at all, you can watch the Youtube tutorial video “Stripe & Xero Integration Fundamentals – 5 min Xero Upskill” in March this year here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2NakGq5JXA

NOTE: Xero did release improvements to the Stripe integration this week where the payment AND the fees come across into Xero, which is not covered in the video. I’m yet to test these improvements and I will share my thoughts once I have my first Stripe payment next week since I have turned the new Xero improvements on.


Stripe integration.

Xero has it. Quickbooks Online doesn’t at this stage.


Now, back to my Friday afternoon.

I decided I would create my Scope Call invoice inside QBO and email it to myself to see what it looks like. (I’ll write more about online invoicing in both systems another day). But here’s what I found…

Xero integrates with Stripe.
QBO does not integrate with Stripe.

Now you might Google “qbo stripe integration” like I did and find the QBO app, Cloud Cart Connector – but this will just help you with the admin/data entry processing AFTER you have received a payment through Stripe. It’s not enabling a payment gateway like Xero has with Stripe. Cloud Cart Connector would likely be used by ecommerce retailers with many Stripe transactions a day, not for someone with a professional services like me.

And what I really wanted was more options to enable credit card payments for my customers who don’t like to use Paypal, but with QBO at this time, it’s not an option.

I’m a big fan of the Xero and Stripe integration and hope to see something soon from QBO.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to sharing with you the QBO vs Xero Project. Most of the action will be over at my Jeri Murphy Facebook page with posts and livestreams. If you don’t want to miss it, best got on over there and like my Jeri Murphy page. 🙂

Until next time, remember:
Life is Better in the Cloud.


Jeri Murphy

Jeri Murphy

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