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Jeri Murphy, Co-founder of, Australia

11 September 2016

A picture says a hundred words. A picture tells a story.

This photo – that moment – tells MY story.

Family. Love. Technology. Learning. Healthy Life.


Yes I’m on the treadmill again and I lifted my phone up to capture the moment and there it was…

My family. My love. Learning together. Connecting together. Empowered by technology.

Marlon just finished training me with an awesome high intensity workout in our home gym. My hilariously disjointed, uncoordinated burpees were giggle-worthy for sure. It’s amazing how much the body wastes away when you don’t take care of it.

Like anything – if we don’t care for it wastes away. Muscles. Plants. Mindset. Money. Energy. Relationships. Spirituality.

Every moment we get to make a choice. Mindset is a choice.

I was reading an awesome book this morning called Abundance by kickass revolutionary entrepreneur Kat Loterzo and she was sharing the story of how once you realise how you were successful at one thing, you can use that same method to be successful in anything you CHOOSE to be successful in.

To me this concept has amazing power, it inherently gives me the permission to focus on and reminisce on my success and not get hung up on the failures.

Secondly, it was so unbelievably simple. I don’t have time to explain it now because I’m off to cook with hubby to prepare for our week.

Amazing things are going to happen today and this week. I know because I choose to believe.

Take a moment today to capture the moment and to fall in love with your life. #love #cloudentrepreneur #fitlife #family #neverstoplearning

Capturing the moment.

I design my business around my life. I live this way because I choose to!

Jeri Murphy

Jeri Murphy

Xero Ecosystem Trainer at Ecosystem Expert Academy Pty Ltd
Jeri is passionate about helping business owners, accountants and bookkeepers save time running their business so they have more time to do what they love. With Xero and it's add-on network, Jeri specialises in providing all the training the business needs to use those solutions quickly and accurately.
Jeri Murphy
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