Meet Jeri Murphy, Australia’s Amazon Woman.

Jeri Murphy, Australia’s Amazon Woman, is dedicated to preparing Australian retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers for Amazon coming to Australia. Come, learn with me as I share the news, insights and secrets from Amazon experts from around the world.

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The next phase of Jeri Murphy

You are likely thinking, “What in the world is she up to now!” By the end of this blog, you are either going to join me in an amazing journey discovering the secrets and the success of one of the biggest companies in the world, or you are going to leave me to pursue your dreams in other areas.


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Stripe Integration [QBO vs Xero: The Project]

4th Instalment in QBO VS XERO: THE PROJECT – [2 min read]
As you likely know by now if you have been following #QBO vs #Xero: The Project which I started this week, I am one of the top Xero trainers in the Asia Pacific region and I decided that I can’t ignore QBO anymore – I need to know it to answer my clients queries, I want to know it so I can learn and share with you the truth about how each system works – no sales pitches, no bias – just cold hard facts. It’s up to you to make the decision for yourself, your business or your clients as to which system is right for you.

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