Hi, I’m Jeri Murphy.


I’m a mum of 6, a (cloud) entrepreneur and a faith-filled, faith-fuelled wife. Most people know of me because of my teaching and sharing about Xero, Quickbooks Online and all the addons that exist in the cloud ecosystem to help streamline businesses around the world.

By day, I am the co-founder of WhichAddOn, a Sydney-based business that helps businesses and their advisors find and implement cloud software solutions to solve their business problems, without the headaches. My husband is my partner in business and life and we created WhichAddOn to help all businesses that are finding the right cloud solution – but we both have always been exposed and loved the product-selling side of business. Most of our clients were retailers, importers, wholesalers, online sellers and manufacturers – that is how we landed within the world of Amazon.

I have always had an affinity to learn and share. To pass it on. Any value I find, any lesson I’ve learned – I have to share it.

The Mission 

I am dedicated to learning everything that Australian businesses need to get #AmazonReady. Amazon is coming to Australia – in many ways, they are already here. If you are still reading, I know you are a business owner or potential Amazon seller – or know someone who is – and you want to know the steps to take. What’s the pathway? Where do you start?

I know you have so many questions. So do I.

I know you want the answers and that is what you will get. I am dedicated to bringing experts to you from around the world to help you understand how to not only get #AmazonReady, but also to #BeLikeAmazon.

Join Us Now

I know that in this day and age, we get too many emails and if you are to join me on this journey, it is a privilege. I feel so truly blessed that you have found me today and trust that I will provide you with the answers to so many questions you have to get #AmazonReady.

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