Just a quick message to let you know that I will be hosting the first #XeroUserHour for Xero users in the Australian/NZ time zone this Wednesday 16th December from 1pm-2pm Sydney time. What is #XeroUserHour? #XeroUserHour is your chance to shout-out over Twitter what...

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Try-It-Tutorials in XU Magazine

Recently I put together some Xero User tutorials for XU (“Xero User”) Magazine on importing to Xero and how to manage prepayments and deposits in foreign currency in Xero. You can start reading them and subscribe to the digital and print editions for...

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The Flat Rate VAT scheme and Xero

The Flat Rate VAT scheme and Xero Question: Hello. I’m trying to figure out what to change in my Chart of Accounts after registering my company for VAT. According to the help page, I need to update each account’s tax setting. The help page...

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Pulling your hair out converting a file from MYOB to Xero?

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How to Review a MYOB File

Pulling your hair out converting a file from MYOB to Xero? Got the sinking feeling that you are letting your client down? Know that you are losing money every time you agree to convert a MYOB file? Or have you just not even attempted it because you are terrified it will all go pear-shaped? Wish you could have a step by step process to follow?

Those were all my thoughts when I sat down to take on my very first conversion of a MYOB file to Xero. I was excited, but slightly concerned! I had never done it before but figured, “hey, I have been a bookkeeper for yonks and I know a few things. This can’t be all that hard! Or different!” Boy, was I wrong!

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Top 5 Tips When Converting to Xero

Over the last 5 years working with Xero, both my friend and fellow trainer, Angela Sibly and I, have converted a lot of different businesses over to Xero. How do you get the historical data into Xero so you don’t lose all your hard work?

In my latest course, Become an Expert Bookkeeper, Angela trained for over 2-hours – in detail – showing exactly how to convert from Xero without losing all your historical comparative data when reviewing your accounts month to month.

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Managing inventory isn’t about tracking products…

If there is one thing I had to say I was most surprised to learn about inventory when I fell into this industry as one of Unleashed’s first Australian employees back in 2012, was that managing inventory isn’t about tracking products, it’s about customer service and growing an amazing business.

It’s like the concept of time management, there comes a point in time that you just can’t “wing it” anymore.

You need to put your big boy or big girl pants on, grow up and make your choices – your products – work for you.

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Are you a rabbit or a tortoise?

Today I’m running a 2-hour short course with fellow Xero Specialist Trainer, Angela Sibly on How to Review a Xero File (+ make money doing it!). Let me tell you why we created this course and why I think you should care about knowing How to Review a Xero File!...

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How to Get Social at #Xerocon

Tweeting. Facebook. Linkedin. Connectiong. Apps. Hashtags! What the …? I’m sitting here at Xerocon, Xero’s national partner conference, watching the Twitter feed for the hashtag #xerocon. (Don’t worry I’m going to explain what those...

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