Amazon Launches Prime Now in Singapore and it’s not what you expect.

Jeri Murphy, Australia’s Amazon Woman

3 August 2017

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Seven days ago, Amazon launched Amazon Prime Now in Singapore and it’s not what you expect. Amazon came out with all guns blazing with Prime Now landing first. If you to today, you will automatically directed to an Amazon Prime Now page to download the Prime Now App on iTunes App Store or Google Play

The Amazon Prime Now launch video shares that Singapore residents “can choose a free two hour delivery window or get one hour delivery for S$9.99 on thousands of items from 10am to 10pm.”

Think again if you think that they are just launching with a few Amazon products. Singapore residents went to town buying from the list of thousands of items available including groceries, health and beauty, household items essentials and even toys and electronics.

It gets even better… when I say that Amazon got smashed with orders and massive demand, you won’t believe that Amazon had to start calling Ubers and taxis to fulfil orders to their customers by the promised time. CNET reported yesterday, Amazon is calling an Uber for Prime Now orders in Singapore. That’s amazing!

Aussies reading this… can you imagine doing that for your customers?

Amazon launched Prime Now in Singapore on 26 July 2017

Promising a time frame and not calling them to say “Sorry, there has been an issue with (insert excuse) _______ “, but getting into an Uber and getting it to your customer no matter what?

That’s just one thing that makes Amazon different which has changed customer expectations around the world and will change customers in Australia. If you aren’t operating on systems right now in the cloud that enable you to be this amazing it’s time to take action and get ready for Amazon.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to sharing with you the latest Amazon news and getting down to the basics for those that were like me starting from no knowledge. I know it can be overwhelming but I’m going to break it down and get all the best information and insights to you in a variety of ways. Most of the action will be over at my Jeri Murphy Facebook page with posts and livestreams. If you don’t want to miss it, best got on over there and like my Jeri Murphy page. 🙂

Until next time, remember:
Life is Better in the Cloud.


Jeri Murphy

Jeri Murphy

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Jeri Murphy
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