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How to Review a MYOB File

This is a guest post from Xero Specialist Trainer, Angela Sibly, Business Zen. Pulling your hair out converting a file from MYOB to Xero? Got the sinking feeling that you are letting your client down? Know that you are losing money every time you agree to convert a...

Top 5 Tips When Converting to Xero

Over the last 5 years working with Xero, both my friend and fellow trainer, Angela Sibly and I, have converted a lot of different businesses over to Xero. Yes, we know you can use a conversion service when you are moving from MYOB, Quickbooks and Sage (commonly used...

Managing inventory isn’t about tracking products…

If there is one thing I had to say I was most surprised to learn about inventory when I fell into this industry as one of Unleashed’s first Australian employees back in 2012, was that managing inventory isn’t about tracking products, it’s about...

Are you a rabbit or a tortoise?

Today I’m running a 2-hour short course with fellow Xero Specialist Trainer, Angela Sibly on How to Review a Xero File (+ make money doing it!). Let me tell you why we created this course and why I think you should care about knowing How to Review a Xero File!...

Everything is difficult until it becomes easy

It’s Monday 23 March 2015. The day after I met my mentor and all-round amazing man, Dan Millman. Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. However, the part of Dan I cherish most is his...

How I get paid $275 per hour to review a Xero file

Reviewing a Xero file might seem like a pretty normal task for a Xero advisor and it is! What I didn’t realise until recently was not normal about the way that I review a Xero file is that I get paid handsomely to do it.. and not every Xero advisor does! As a...