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A 50-day Step-By-Step Business Expansion System to Get Clarity On Where You Want To Go, Take Daily Action to Expand Your Xero Advisory Business At The Right Pace For You to Get More Time Doing The Things You Love With The People You Love Now!
Feel like you are working MORE in your own business, getting LESS time with the family and MORE stressed? I DID TOO!
Until I Worked Out How to Get MORE Time With My Family, be LESS Stressed And Make MORE Money… All By Growing My Xero Advisory Business At The Right Pace For Me.


Throughout May 2014, I interviewed 28 Add-On Experts from software solutions around the world. I recorded those interview and created a video library for you – any cloud integrator, accountant or bookkeeper – to get the answers to your questions.
Some key points we cover in each of the interviews:
  • What industry does it work best in?
  • How are you different to the other add-on’s in the market?
  • Why should we recommend your software to our clients?
  • Partner program model
  • How does it connect with Xero?
  • Provide a comprehensive demostration of the software


Live Sessions Held Every Week with Jeri Murphy, International Xero Ecosystem Trainer. Choose your Industry. Register for Free Training.

1 : Choose Your Industry of Interest > Each Add-On that connects to Xero serves a specific purpose. Most solutions are industry specific or are built with helping a certain type of business in mind. Which industry do you need to find a solution for?

2: Register for Free Training > Each week your trainer, Jeri Murphy, will be live for two hours to provide 2 hours of training on a specific Xero Add-On solution. The aim of the training: learn everything you need to know to run a business as best as possible using Xero and the Add-On. All training is delivered in an easy-to-understand and ready-to-use format.

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Are you a rabbit or a tortoise?

Today I’m running a 2-hour short course with fellow Xero Specialist Trainer, Angela Sibly on How to Review a Xero File (+ make money doing it!). Let me tell you why we created this course and why I think you should care about knowing How to Review a Xero File!...

Everything is difficult until it becomes easy

It’s Monday 23 March 2015. The day after I met my mentor and all-round amazing man, Dan Millman. Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. However, the part of Dan I cherish most is his...

How I get paid $275 per hour to review a Xero file

Reviewing a Xero file might seem like a pretty normal task for a Xero advisor and it is! What I didn’t realise until recently was not normal about the way that I review a Xero file is that I get paid handsomely to do it.. and not every Xero advisor does! As a...

How to Get Social at #Xerocon

Tweeting. Facebook. Linkedin. Connectiong. Apps. Hashtags! What the …? I’m sitting here at Xerocon, Xero’s national partner conference, watching the Twitter feed for the hashtag #xerocon. (Don’t worry I’m going to explain what those...

PANalytics and Xero helps clients be proactive

Another day… Another Challenge for you as part of the 14 Day Ecosystem Expert Challenge Day 2: Pick one Add-On from the Xero Add-On directory that interests you and learn what it does If you don’t know what a Xero Add-On is, check out yesterday’s...

Xero Add-on: How do you describe it?

What is an Add-on? An Add-On is a cloud software solution that has been built for a specific purpose. That is to help businesses in performing specific business processes. Add-ons are connected to the Xero online accounting software through the API. An API is a...